Some projects and hobbies where I have needed, and used, my "Home Workshop".


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 What is a Home Workshop?

  • A home workshop could be a specialized area set aside and kitted out with all the modern equipment required to create functional items such as furniture, children's toys, items to sell, or home maintenance and car repairs. 

  • Some may use any room in their home, for example their kitchen, which would function as a kitchen when required, and then be converted to a home workshop whenever they need to exercise their creativity.

  • To others, a workshop could be a gathering at their home of like minded folk to discuss or learn about a particular subject.

This site is dedicated to those who do, or have, used an area of their home as a workshop at some time or another for any of the reasons mentioned above. Of course, we will also be recording the many times various areas of our own home have been used as a workshop.

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