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  I remember seeing a painting of a couple of mice, obviously a husband and wife. She was on standing on his shoulders, reaching up to a high shelf in their kitchen. The caption read, "LOVE MAKES YOU TWICE AS TALL", and while this may be true, we do sometimes need a ladder.

Ladders come in many different forms, aluminum ladders, rolling ladders, folding ladders, and the list goes on. No matter whether it's a folding ladder for the kitchen, or an extension ladder to get you up to clean your gutters, it's important to choose your ladder carefully.


Check to see the rungs are securely fitted.

Always wear good fitting shoes when climbing a ladder.

With an "A" frame ladder, ensure the lock engages fully before climbing the ladder. 


Keep your ladder well cleaned.

Check the hinges and rungs for wear regularly.

Remember, aluminum is an electrical conductor.



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Little Giant Type 1A Ladder


or to get to those "just out of reach" places, this little gem will suffice

Two Step Chrome Ladder

Two Step Chrome Ladder

Easily grab all those out of reach items with the Two Step Chrome Ladder. This step ladder features large sturdy steps and non-skid soft rubber step pads for maximum safety. The steps also have non-skid vinyl feet and a spring-loaded safety lock. Use it in the kitchen or in the garage for putting away storage. The Two Step Chrome Ladder is just what you need to make your home run smoothly!This item ships directly from our warehouse. Please allow 1-3 business days for order processing along with normal shipping times.