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A rt

M agic

P uzzle

O r

S imply

S tuff

I n

B ottles

L eaving

E veryone

S tupefied

WELCOME, and thank you for visiting this site.

Here, we'll attempt to showcase the many aspects of puzzling.

Some may consider a puzzle to be an Art form, others will see them as a Magic trick, while the rest think they're just a Puzzle.

No matter what your definition may be, puzzling is an addictive hobby, for the designer, maker, collector and puzzler alike. 

Here at AMPossibles, we hope to satisfy the needs of all who may be visiting, from the curious to the serious puzzler.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert, so if you see something on the site you disagree with, don't shoot the messenger! Let me know, and I'll make the necessary changes)

2 (two) Special Requests

1. If you KNOW the method or solution to a puzzle or impossible object, either because you have one, made one, or you've read or been told the instructions for one... PLEASE don't let the cat out the bag. Many hours are spent designing and making these items, and once the solution or method is known, the mystique is spoiled for others.

2. But, if you THINK you know the solution, please discuss it with, or at least within earshot, of the designer/maker. They'll probably not say whether you're right or wrong, but it is these discussions which delight and amuse the designer/maker, and more often than not may inspire their next great puzzle creation.

Puzzles and Impossible Objects

I have used my home workshop to produce a few puzzles and impossible objects.

Here are some pictures of just some of them

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Perhaps I should spend more time repainting the railing on my deck, and less time stuffing stuff into bottles (wink, wink)

(Click on the images to enlarge)


This is perhaps my most challenging ImpossiBottle to date. The deck has a hole through which a lock is attached. Both are suspended by a rope through a bead and up to a Turks Head knot outside.

Most challenging, was figuring out how to get the hasp into the bottle. As can be seen in these images, the hasp is bigger than the neck of the bottle.

And YES! The key will still unlock the lock... (if you can get to the keyhole !!!).



Excluding thinking time, I guess these two suckers took about 10 hours to accomplish, so please don't ask how I did them. I don't mind giving suggestions, but to just give away the secret, I'd be denying myself the joy of listening to the many suggestions of how it was accomplished.

This ImpossiBottle has a tennis ball, deck of cards and a pair of scissors held closed with a padlock. The scissors pierce the deck from the bottom, and are held firm by the tennis ball.



Here's where I did the learning. 

A ping pong ball in a bottle with a neck which is obviously too small to get it out again, the proverbial tennis ball, and a locked pair of scissors. Yes, you do still need a key... and Yes, it will still open the lock.

My interest in ImpossiBottles began while researching how to shoot a wooden arrow through a wooden apple. (Eat your heart out William Tell).



Careful inspection of the right hand picture may reveal the holes ready and waiting for me to shoot an arrow horizontally through it. I'm just waiting for the sights on my bow to be re-calibrated at the Nottingham Forest Bow Manufacturing Emporium. Meantime, I just dropped one in through the neck to show one doesn't need to drill glass to make an impossible object.
Just a shot of some ImpossiBottles and the arrow through an apple.



The 'Hanging Lock and Deck' ImpossiBottle was sent to South Africa, where, en route, the luggage in which it was packed must have been dropped and the lock broke the bottle from the inside. RIP (Rest in Pieces). The bottle did not shatter, but cracked quite badly and left a gaping hole. It is still an ImpossiBottle, but the "secret" ;-) nearly got out. I believe I know how to prevent this from happening in the future... but that's my secret, heh heh!
Where to now?... 

I am working on getting some golf balls into bottles. So far, I have managed to keep our local recycling depot stocked with pre-shattered glass. 

What have I tried so far?... Well, I asked a few Impossible Object aficionados, and got the same answer from all of them, "Show / tell me what you've tried, and I'll help you from there". None of them would disclose how they did it, but offered suggestions on my proposed methods. (I got some really good advise...  None of which worked for me... so the quest continues).

It's been the following advise that has inspired me the most.

"Think outside the........... (wait for it...)............. bottle".