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I watched and helped my wife spend many nights, often into the early hours of the morning, cutting cardboard templates and paper cuttings for her class, (usually one at a time ). We needed to find an easier way, so I tried my hand at helping by using my scroll saw. It took a long while, a lot of dust, and more scrap paper than our recycling depot could handle, to find a method which worked. I persevered, and can now cut up to 100 copies in the same time it takes to cut 1 or 2 with scissors.

DISCLAIMER: Since each 'set' of copies is hand cut, it may not be totally identical to another 'set' of the same pattern, (assuming you require more than the 100), but they're as close as you're going to get with the one-at-a-time-get-blisters-from-the-scissors method.

These are a few samples of the type of shapes she's needed over the years. The beauty of this, is no matter the occasion, I can custom-cut shapes a lot easier and quicker than she can with her scissors.